This trip is designed for kayakers Who are starting and want to Improve Their skills. Ecuador is the perfect place to run many class II and III rivers, Where the Consequences are few but the fun is great.   Your abilities to start running class III rivers After This trip will be remarkable. Our instructors, guiding Besides the rivers, will be Working with the whole group techniques and skills. Safety workshops and white water scenarios will be part of the classes as well.
    This trip is designed for experienced kayakers that are able to paddle rivers up to class IV +, seeking to discover new rivers, landscapes and live the amazing experience of rowing in the Amazon jungle. On this trip some incredible rivers are waiting for you…Jatunjaku for example is a river with Epic proportions when Big Level, Piatua river has dozens of boofs. The rest rivers, hidden in the jungle have a unique character that will blow your mind! Super Fun Trip.
    If you have skills to run rivers class III-IV, you want to enjoy warm water and incredible fun and continuous rivers, this is the trip for you! "Good Line" is a perfect trip to improve your skills as a kayaker, meet new rivers in the jungle, enjoy beautiful landscapes and eat new and tasty food! Incredible ecuadorian whitewater is waiting for you!